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Kyle's Review

Storyline: I had it for the first few minutes, but with all first person shooter games, you will get the "What!?" feeling

Graphics: The best I have ever seen

Sounds: all great!

Controls: RT= shoot. all you need to know

Play Time: Logged 5 hours on Veteran (VERY short)

Entertainment: Shoot, boom, shoot, boom. If you like this concept, you will like MW2

Other: I hated multiplayer. Luckily I don't review that.

  • that is the worst reveiw in the world how does that even fall in the catagorie of a review. if you want a review on a game look for it on december 1st. i will be doing a preview on grand theft auto V and then a review on the medel of honor that came out on october.12 2010. the review will cover everything that peaple what to here compared to you witch is what you choose,not everybody likes your ideas but not everybody likes mine ethier.

  • So...let me get this straight...you don't like my review, because I reviewed this game later than you did?