When it comes down to it, the average gamer knows who Valve is and understands what kind of games they bring out and Portal 2 is no exception to this. Anyone that played Portal can tell you that it is a short and quick puzzle game that people have grown to love and appreciate, but Portal 2 is a whole new ballgame and brings a lot of new content to the table. Portal 2 takes place an undisclosed amount of time after the events of Portal and brings players back into the role of Chell, the main protagonist of the first game. Right away players meet someone new to scene, an AI known as Wheatley whom isn't exactly the smartest thing to come out of Aperture's Labs. As Wheatley walks you through what is left of Aperture Labs and helping you escape... Again... You manage to reawaken the antagonist from the first game, the perfect AI gone insane, GLaDOS. From that point on a series of tests ensues. Unlike the previous game, you almost start off with the portal gun immediately, having to work through the ruins on your own. Now like it's predecessor, Portal leaves you to find ways to do things on your own with very little help which can cause problems at times, but overall enhances the experience, and along with the difficulty comes the witty remarks for solving each of the puzzles. Unlike in the previous game, Portal 2 actually has a deep story built into the entire game and explains a lot of questions that people had from the previous game and goes pretty far into Aperture Science's past. With the deep story comes even more memorable characters and more quotes to share among your friends. Now Portal 2 is going to play the exact same way that Portal did, using blue and orange portals to navigate areas, but now there are new substances that force the player to consider their actions on a new level entirely, which can make puzzles easier or even more complicated. Something new entirely to the game is the option of Co-Op. Now for some, the idea behind this can seem pretty pointless, but the Co-Op experience is something entirely separate from the base game and even has it's own story. Co-Op offers a lot more to the base game, but can be extremely frustrating at times depending upon who your partner is and whether they have experience with the games or not, but with the helpful ping tool, avid players can guide their partners through the mazes with little complication at times. Overall, my experience with Portal 2 exceeded my expectations and got me to fall in love with not only the concept of the game but the characters behind it as well. This is a game that truly feels like it is a complete sequel and opens up new ideas to what Valve can truly bring out.