An 8 technically says "innovative, but perhaps not the right choice for everyone", but I feel no one would suffer from playing Mirror's Edge once, if only to see the kind of innovation EA DICE has put into the title. Mirror's Edge is  essentially a platform game from a first person shooter perspective with a forgettable story, but superb gameplay and visuals. The parkour is fluid. The player, as mentioned in the editor review, never feels like an abstract figure thanks to the arms and legs clearly visible in use as opposed to invisible interactions. The game does not openly dissuade you from combat, but it does push the player to approach confrontations cautiously and utilize timing to your advantage. That being said, the combat was smooth. The game felt just as good my first time through when I did use guns as the second when I focused on evasion.

The blend of colors and lack of detail may seem like it would be off-putting, but the whitewashed city and the helpful red hints mixed in with a few primary colors along the way really gave the city a personality that one wouldn't expect with such minimalist design. With the exception of a very few portions, the game always creates a setting where Faith's parkour seems to meld with the environment without it feeling too designed for the gameplay. The rooftops can get a little repetitive, but the game does a good job of mixing up locations enough to keep the player engaged.

I cannot say much about the time challenges except that they were not for me. I tried them, and I can see the appeal in them, but they never really grab you like the main game. Still, it is fun (and sometimes frustrating) to modify the path to try to shave off those precious few seconds.


Concept: Create a first person game that is driven by parkour rather than combat.

Graphics: The city, though rather empty except for police, is stunning despite what seems like very minimal design.

Sound: The sound from Faith's exertions and interactions with the environment really influenced the feeling of reality that the inclusion of arms and legs created to begin with.

Playability: There will be occasional missteps and disarms can occasionally be troublesome, but overall the parkour is smooth. The feeling of momentum once you adjust to the controls and environment is something everyone should experience at least once.

Entertainment: In the (hopeful) future titles the combat could use some improvement and story could use a major overhaul, but most gamers probably won't be disappointed by the highly enjoyable gameplay.

Replay: Moderate