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Call of Duty is not going anywhere, and not in a good way.

Call of Duty was a great series where innovation and wonderfully made campaigns and multiplayer came into one great package, and easily one of the best games in the industry. Sadly it got picked by Bobby's trend of milking every last cent of the game by releasing a new Call of Duty title every year, in which people have kept buying and still buy. Black Ops broke sales records and so have every other Call of Duty title since the first Modern Warfare.

So here we are, 4 years in the future playing the third game in the Modern Warfare series and I am utterly disappointed by the game that I though that could have brought me back into this amazing series after the disaster that was Black Ops on the PS3. This game didn't ship with broken matchmaking and the game mechanics work. But that's where I draw the line. The game works and it's the only thing that drew me into the story mode or even let me enjoy the MP portion of the game. Everything else looks exactly the same as in MW2. Same sounds, same graphics, same in-level props etc.

The Campaign portion of the game is not impressive at all and failed to create inside me some sort of feeling of urgency or interest for the story. It just feels like Transformers 3, a collection of explosions that seem directed by Michael Bay which in this case, you'll be playing for 4 hours (and it would have been probably less time if it weren't for all the cutscenes). So in short the single player has turned again to a forgettable after-thought  from the game developers. And not only that, the continuing trend of "controversial" scenes in Call of Duty games is present here, like in Modern Warfare 2 where we had the "No Russian" mission where you went into a airport and killed every civilian there. These terrorist acts were highly "controversial" in the community and I don't even know why. In other games like Grand Theft Auto you get to do all this stuff and more.

Oh the multiplayer, In my hands on time with it I went to level 54 in just a full day of gaming and after dropping the controller. I didn't want to go back. I didn't want to see the maps again or see the guns or killstreaks pointstreaks. The multiplayer has turned stale. Into a formula where only the hardcore fans will enjoy truly the game. I did not and sadly I wish I did. The MP has turned into the same thing that we had in MW2. Only that it has been balanced and we have new maps. The guns are and feel that are just re-skins of older models with some tweaked stats to be honest. Nothing pretty to look at here, just the same thing we have been getting since the inception of Modern Warfare back in 2007. The Spec Ops is a nice addition and easily the best part of the game with the survival mode. But even then the survival mode grows stale after just a few matches.

In short, MW3 is what MW2 should have been 2 years ago. A balanced game with a multiplayer that should've encouraged people to play in teams. Not lone wolf it out in objective based games. But even now IW failed at doing this even with the point streaks this time around instead of killstreaks. And it is a dated package already. Plus some glitches that I encountered in the multiplayer made me even more disappointed. Infinite reloads and people glitching already on the maps after just ONE day is insane. Why did they hire the team of YouTube glitchers, mapMonkeys (yes, it's mapMonkeys not MapMonkeys) if they didn't fix these things? I just don't get it.

MW3 is a dated package where there still is a lot of room to keep working and upgrading the game. IW didn't do so even with the help of BeachHead Studios. The game feels like a 60$ patch for MW2. It plays, like MW2, it feels like MW2, it sounds like MW2, it looks like MW2. That's because this game basically is MW2 with a 3 on the box. Maybe a sound overhaul or a graphics overhaul would've gone a long way. And don't reuse props from past games, just shows how little effort they put to create this game.

I was really looking forward for this game. But ultimately there are better games that have been released or will be released like Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3, The Metal Gear Solid HD collection or the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This game will undoubtedly be the biggest game of the year, no questions about that. But this game is not best of the year.

Feel free to leave comments about the review, send me Private Messages or post something on my profile. I try to answer everything I can.

Original Score: 5.75

After some more time with the game I decided to update the score.

Official and Final Score: 6.75

  • I do not agree with your numeric score, but I agree with all of your points.
  • To be honest this is the most reasonable and fair post out of them all. You looked at the good and the bad and gave true thoughts of the game instead of some CoD hater saying it sucks or some COD fanboy saying this is the best game in the world and BF3 is horrible. I salute you for that and it was I predicted as far as the mutltiplayer. Its nothing new and special. The only major difference with MW3 and previous COD games is that this game got boring after a day. MW2 and Black Ops plays played for a month and got bored.
  • although a bit weighted for my taste, this was an excellent review. I really was worried (and sort of expecting...) people would find problems and glitchs, exploiting them and ruining the multiplayer experience. Other then a few typos and such, I think this review was one of the better ones. Of course, it won't stop people from buying it... "Modern Warfare 4:Return of zombie Zakaev" (seriously, what happened to him?)
  • Although I necessarily don't agree with you, I appreciate the time and effort you put into this review. Most of the hate has come from the like of moronic fanboys but this review is much different because you give a fair analysis to both sides of the picture. I personally thought the score was a little harsh (I would personally give MW3 a 7.75) but these are the kind of reviews we need. Good Work.
  • I couldn't agree more. I was not impressed with MW2 and I thought Black ops had potential but it grew stale after PS3 issues and none of them stood up to the perfection that was COD4. It seems like the true innovators that had a passion for this game left after the infinity ward fall out and its just plain sad. COD has become guitar hero, The same game that is released year after year with no new breakthroughs or actual improved concept. I would gladly pay $ for HUGE DLC for COD4 that updated the killstreaks/weapons but im bored with MW3 after one solid day of playing. I've owned every call of duty and none of them have been played as much as COD4. I have 10th prestiges on ps3 and xbox and up until I got MW3 I had continued to play it online over all other COD. Unless some BIG changes happen (they won't) I'll save my cash and not buy any more of these rehash games. Maybe when a next gen console is running COD and we can be blinded by amazing graphics it will catch my interest again but until then i'll just keep dreaming.
  • I like this review because it tells the truth about MW3 and the CoD franchise. All the people who love CoD can be a bit biased. Listen, it makes sense. You loved CoD4 or CoD3 or whatever but you have to realize, the creativity and the things that are different in this game is very little. You can call MW3 MW2.5, a patch update at the very most. The score should have stayed at 5.
  • Thank you for this review. I personally score this game just a bit higher than you at about a 6.5 because of a few fixes to some of the cheap MW2 tactics, ie "noob tubing" or "marathon spas 12"; however I still found that it lacked any innovation. While most people don't agree with this, I found Black Ops to be a terrific game. (Perhaps because I love sniping, and found that sniping on Black Ops was way more satisfying and enjoyable than MW, where I get yelled at for not "quickscoping," which I detest)

    However, I can't help but groan at the graphics for looking the exact same. Also, the sounds are just reused. Maybe this is nitpicky, but I found it really disappointing to hear the same exact guitar sound whenever I leveled up. While I do love the new killstreak system, it's not enough to convince me that this game isn't just an expansion pack of MW2.

    I knew what I was getting into. I read the previous GI review, and groaned when I heard that it was virtually the same game. I knew that the super loyal COD fans would call this the greatest game ever when it is clearly the same exact game. However, I can't help but be disappointed. I fell for the hype, which is something I will never do again. The enjoyment I will get out of it will be when I play with my friends, which is great fun no matter what game. Other than that, I will personally be playing the hell out of my Skyrim instead.

  • man what bull. When a good game comes out from once they give a bad score but when a crappy game like Call of Duty(gag)comes out they(gag)give it a perfect score(gag)

    Seriously enough with the Call of Duty(gag)crap already. *** i'm gonna through up.(barfs because of saying Call of Duty so many time)