Since I was little, my sister would play The Sims and I would watch her do it. When she got tired of it, she gave her games to me so I could play at home. I was so amazed by these games and loved making families so much. I got very addicted in a short amount of time.

When The Sims 2 came out I was very excited. Seeing as it was much more advanced and you could do more with the families, I wanted it so bad. I eventually got it and the majority of the expansion packs that came with it. I played it for a very long time but then found out about The Sims 3.

At first I thought to myself, "That's lame. I'm staying to Sims 2 until I get all of my expansions."

Well too bad for me, I got curious and started looking at the website and was hooked immediately. I then started selling my Sims games on Ebay and started saving up for The Sims 3. With my new computer, I was able to play it.

When I got it, I was not disappointed. It played beautifully, the town looked amazing, and I loved the fact I could walk to places without having to take a cab anymore. It also had the new character customization that allowed me to make my own clothing colors and patterns, as well as changing different parts of my sims' hair and make-up. Oh the glory of Sims make-up. Everything I expected from the game was pretty flawless and I couldn't have been more happy. Or could I?

I had a lot of problems with the fact I couldn't edit the town the way I wanted to. I really wanted to be able to place lot spaces by the street and add new houses. I could only place places if I deleted a house and if it had enough space on the lot.

I didn't have many comments on the game because I have most of the expansions now. I can't tell the difference between what was previously in the game and what wasn't before unless I look for every bit of pre-expansion stuff there was.

Good job you guys. I really am expecting a Sims 4 sometime in the future. Don't disappoint!

Peace out.