There are any number of reasons why this game is great. It's improved on every aspect of Arkham Asylum, from combat, to graphics, to the number of awesome Batman villains that appear throughout the game. If you are even mildly a Batman fan, or just enjoy a well put together game, then Batman Arkham City is a must have! Sound: The voice acting and soundtrack for this game are excellent and really fit the grim and gritty dark mood of Arkahm City. Game-play: Everything you loved about Arkham Asylum's combat is back, with a few noticeable improvements. You can now use your gadgets effectively in combat with the game's new quick fire controls and you have some new moves and take-downs that are essential to take on some of the new enemy types you'll run into throughout Arkham City. And you can now take to the skies with the open world exploration. A combination of gliding, diving and grappling, makes travel fun and compelling. Graphics: Arkham City delivers an amazingly detailed and fleshed out open world for you to explore. It may not be as big as some open world games like Prototype or most Spider-man games but don't let that turn you off. It's still quite expansive and unlike the previously mentioned games it's not a New York setting with only a few interesting locations. Almost every building in Arkham City feels unique, and many have back stories you can read about by solving riddles. My only nit pick is that sometimes the graphics don't load quite fast enough. I'll soar into a new area or boot up a character trophy and watch as the graphics move from blurry to detailed. It's mostly not an issue though and does not significantly detract from the overall experience. Story: The story is a little shorter than I'd have liked but this didn't stop me from greatly enjoying it's engaging and well delivered script. With plenty of plot twists and character cameos this game's plot keeps you gripped and on the edge of your seat for the duration. Replay value: Moderately High. With New Game Plus, Riddler's Revenge, engaging side quests, and a gripping plot, there's plenty of reason to keep coming back to this game after completion.