Brink did look a lot more promising, I can admit that but it has elements that I look for in a FPS. You can either decide to make your guns need ADS or not, which I don't like on most occasions. I like Halo and Brink because i can keep moving and shooting, unlike Call of Duty where I run around a corner, drop, ADS, fire. I like the constant movement and the SMART technology system made that amazing!

Brink disappointed me with no clan tags, horrible online support, and guns that you obviously should and shouldn't use and a few more things. Some guns just sucked, while others were obviously a better choice, I don't use any SMG besides the Carb-9.

The attachments were always interesting... unlike Call of Duty, these attachments weren't necessarily helpful to the stats of the gun (e.g. the red dot scopes) and slightly hindered you for this comfort. While the other attachments boosted certain stats it dropped others, which made a lot more sense compared to CoD's method of doing so.

The weight classes and perks made this game more enjoyable. It gave an RPG element in a FPS (and I'm a major RPG fan). The weight was interesting because it determined how much health you have, how fast you move, what you can/can't climb, and what weapons you can carry. Very defining. The perks (especially universal) helped defined you, at max level before the DLC I was a pure Operative I had all universal perks (excluding downed fire, i already had a cortex bomb, what would i need a gun for?!? XD) and every Operative perk.
You could've been well-balanced between multiple classes or be a pure.

I still play this game.