The next chapter of one of the scariest games in 2008, Dead Space. Does this sequel live up to its hype? Let’s find out:

Presentation 2/2

This game is amazing from the start. There's a video that explains what happened in the previous game. It also explains the setting, and the reason for the planet crackers. From the beginning you'll know you're in for some good scares.

Sound and Graphics 3/3

The sound is one of the best. You'll hear creatures moaning, footsteps, weird noises, ambient noises, your breathing when you are in space and everything to get you into the atmosphere of the game. Every necromorph has a cool sound effect that makes it distinctive from the rest and to give you the chills whenever you hear it. Also the voice acting is very good (Isaac having a voice is better), they represent emotions very well, and the animations of the characters also help. The graphics are excellent. The necromorph models look great. They remind me of The Thing, to which this game based of its creatures. The light effects are very good, and this combined with scare jumps, and hardcore, are going to keep you at the edge of your sit.

Story 2/2

The story is very well structured and has a good development, with awesome characters, and a great ending. For some the Marker religious aspect may result as a confusing part of the story, but to understand this better, there are audio logs in the game, and also there's: The first game (Dead Space, and Dead Space Extraction). But moving on the story picks of 3 years after the events of the 1st game. Isaac wakes up just to find a necromorph outbreak going on. After barely surviving that, Isaac must find out what happened those 3 years, why there is another necromorph outbreak, and how to stop it. The story has its twists and cool psychological moments, and wraps it all up with an incredible ending. There's a lot of background story as well, that can be discovered with audio logs, and in a museum section in which they explain almost all the story surrounding the Marker, and more.

Gameplay 2/2

The gameplay is awesome. If you've played the 1st one you'll have no problem when picking up this one. You are in a shoulder 3rd person perspective (examples: RE5, RE4 Batman Arkham Asylum). There's nothing on screen besides your character. Your life is represented by a tube in your back, your stasis by a circle in your back, the menu is holographic and pops up from you. The stores are also holographic and pop up when you select them. There's shooting and melee combat (which is essentially just to push away the necromorphs or to stomp on things to find items). Shooting is really fun, and it is mixed with some strategy like when you need use the stasis for some enemies, use your kinesis to grab things to impale enemies or use their own parts of their body, or to know what weapon will be more effective for certain enemies. Also some enemies (mostly bosses), will have some weak points that you'll have to shoot. Dead Space 2 also features a hardcore mode which makes the game almost f*ing impossible. You cannot carry over weapons to this mode (you can use the ones you've bought as DLCs, but I'm not wasting my money on that), you start from zero, the enemies are in their hardest settings, they are smart, strong, and will never leave you alone, and do you want to know the most f*ed up thing of this mode? You can only save 3 times! And if you die you start from where you saved. For a 7-8 hours game that’s hard. It does pay-off completing it in these settings, because you get the best gun ever. I still got the Platinum though, but wow hardcore is a cool mode, that really redefines survival horror in all of its aspects. There's also multiplayer. It is good and nothing else. You fight as either: one soldier in a group of four, through different objectives. And the others play as the necromorphs which have to stop the soldiers from reaching their objective. It’s a fun mode, and you do unlock things as you level up, it doesn't have much deepness but it’s sure to keep you entertained, for a while.

Replay value and Extras 1/1

There's high replay value to discover everything, pick up all the audio logs, complete it in all of the difficulties, multiplayer and more. There are a couple of extras, like secrets, but mostly you'll be heading to complete the trophies/achievement. Now the PS3 version includes Dead Space Extraction a different game which is pretty cool (if you have a move controller/ I don't, but I own the Wii version).

This is one of the year's best games, and one of the best of this console generation. It's a must buy without a doubt, and I also recommend the 1st one.

Final score of: 10/10----A must buy (right now).