Let me start by saying that I like western games. So is Red Dead Redemption the great western game that claims to be? Let's find out.

 Presentation 1.5/2

 The game looks very good; it really makes you feel like you are in the Wild West setting. From the intro cinematic, to the great, sad, and unexpected ending, it really makes you feel like a cowboy. You can see the detail, work and effort that were put into the making of this game. Almost everything looks astonishing.

 Sound and Graphics 2.5/3

 The sound plays a very important part in this game. It has beautiful music, that changes according to your current action, whether you are in a gun fight, or riding through the enormous fields, it is always there enhancing the experience. The voice actors in this game do a fantastic job. They are all top notch, with great dialogue to say. The graphics look all colorful, and the environments look very detailed, with wild plants growing, cows eating, wild horses, coyotes, etc. It feels alive, with great animations and graphics to give it a good look.

 Story 2/2

 The story is one of the best aspects in this game. It may be a little slow for some people, but it is a good western story, with background story, revenge, very well planted moments, that lead to incredible sequences. I won't spoil any of it, but it really great.

 Gameplay 1/2

 Now, the gameplay is where I feel the game loses its shine. More than anything, because of the controls. You are going to be pressing the same button a lot. To run, or to ride the horse. It started to annoy me after a while. But the controls overall are good. They are good in shootouts, taking cover, changing weapons, etc. It's fun to shoot with these controls. This is a free roam game, and while it is cool to go to so many places, some of the things to do are not so fun and that diminishes the amount of things to do. The multiplayer is can be pretty good for some, or a complete failure. The lobby is the single player map, but with online players. You can shoot yourselves up or join to play mini-games, poker, shootouts, etc. There's a lot to do here, you have your typical multiplayer modes, and many others. Also another thing to mention is the auto-aim. It so easy with it enabled, it kills the challenge of the game almost. But you can put it into expert targeting mode, in which you actually have to aim, This is how it is online.

 Replay value and Extras 1/1

 There's a lot of in game extras, suit and more. And the replay value is high, because it will keep you entertained for hours with the campaign. There are trophies/achievements to get and the online is good if you like it.


In the end Red Dead Redemption is a pretty good game that will grip you with the story, but with not so good controls, and a divided decision in the online, it may not be the game you are looking for. But in the end RDR gets a:

 Final score of: 8/10----Good, but not for everyone.