I've always loved open world games. From the classic GTA 4 to the newer Batman Arkham City. Assassin's Creed 2 has a terriffic open world type game, with an emotional story and an expert controls. Graphics are pitched to perfection, especially cloth, which is no easy task in games.

Yet, the story takes alot of double takes. By that I mean, almost every mission is the same thing. Ubisoft tries to mix it up, with Da Vinci machines and harder puzzles, but you still feel like your replaying the same parts. Also, the games features like Ezio don't progress with age. The plot last almost 20 years, and Ezio dosen't change at all. Neither does his fellow allies.

Assassin's Creed dosen't live up to the high expectations my friends told me. It's still a lot better than the average game, but not by what I think games like this could be.  I feel like teenagers enjoy this game for the same reason others like CoD (Not calling them the same game). They love how Ezio is able to kill and attack, not for the true reason games are really good. The story of it all, which in this case is really transparent, as you feel later in game Ezio's doing this for a profession, not revenge.