The first thing I would like to note about Final Fantasy 13 is that the graphics are amazing. Whenever you see a custcene in this game it looks like a crystal clear movie. The in game graphics are also at the same level of the cutscenes in the game.

      There are so many enimes in the game that fight differently so the enemy combat is varied. Also unlike most Finally Fantasy games this game is not turn based it is real time based. Which means the enemies can attack whenever and you can get off a few attacks before the enemy attacks you. This is my favorite type of combat in a Final Fantasy game because one thing about the Final Fantasy series that annoyed me is that you have to wait your turn in order to attack. In this final fantasy you control only one character but you make a battle formation in which the other characters are controlled by the computer but you set the battle mode that they will use. The battle modes are commando, ravenger, synergist,medic, and sentinel. The only thing that annoys me is that if the main character you are using dies then the game is over and your teamates can't revive you. However you can revive your teamates and after every battle you are healed automatically. The good thing about this is that you only have to use potions and healing techniques in battle instead of wasting energy and time after a battle.

     The characters are Lighting, Snow Sazzh, Fang, Hope, Vanille, and Serah. Lighting is the main character with the pink hair that you control from the begining of the game and will most likely use the most. Each character can eventually use the same classes as every other character but some characters are better suited towards certain classes. Like lighting is the best suited for Commando class and Snow is the best suited for the Sentinel class. Each character has an Edolon which is their own special summon in the game.

    This game does involve an intense amount of strategy like every other Final Fantasy game. But you set you're battle formation before the battle however you do have the ability to switch battle formations in the middle of the battle which you will have to do many times in order to defeat the bosses in the game. There are many times you will need to switch your strategy back in forth you will even have to do this against regular enemies fortunately this is real easy to do and you will have the hang of this in no time.

      My favorite thing about this game is how long it is. After certain boss battles I thought I beat the game but then it turns out that I did not beat the game and there was a lot more that I had to do.

   Final Fantasy is a great game but a few minor things annoyed me. Like Snow constantly saying that he is a hero at the begining of the game. Hope whinning and being a baby throughout the begining of the game but I have to admit that he somewhat makes up for it. Sazzah however is a pretty fun guy he is the comic relief of the group. Vanille is the nicest character out of all of them and I enjoy playing as her character. Fang has one of the coolest Edolons in the game. Lighting is by far my favorite character I love using her in Commando mode because I feel a rush like I am unstoppable whenever I use her. Another great thing about this game are the Edolons because each Edolon is unique has its own elment and has its own special powers.

       I have to give this game a 9 out of 10 because the game play is great, the graphics are crystal clear, and the story is really confusing at times but I do enjoy certain parts of the story elements with in the game. I also like all of the main cast of characters ifor different reasons my favorite character being lighting. The only bad things I can say about the game is that Snow can be a little too cocky, the story gets extremely confusing at certain points in the game, and Hope is sometimes useless and whiny.