So i just got done playing through enslaved for the second time, and i have to say i enjoyed this game alot more that i thought i would.

The combat starts off a little tough but after you get a few upgrades it changes to a bit of a cake walk. And there are not alot of combat combos to keep the hard core action gamer happy. But for anyone who likes platformers with a nicely satisfying combat system will get a lot from its simplicity.

The universe reminds me of the jak and daxter universe for some odd reason, which made me happy. Everything looks great in the game but in my 2nd playthrough i did notice a few bugs and glitches. Nothing to bad but their there. And i had to turn down the right thumsticks camera sensitivity because it put a strain on my eyes.

The games story really griped me at first but throughout the game i realized i had no idea what i was fighting for or why i should care.
So if your looking for a cheap game to up you gamerscore or want to get an easier game for the kids i would recommend it.