Mass Effect was undoubtably my best RPG of 2007. I just recently purchased Mass Effect 2 and find that a few mechanics were changed. When I say changed, I mean it in the best way possible. There were a variety of enemies to face off against such as the returning Geth, the Collectors, The Blue Suns, The Bloodpack, Eclipse, and many more. The game has gone from a standard RPG to more of a Shooter/RPG crossover. The overall feel of the gunplay is more shooter than Role Playing but there are still many RPG elements. The conversations are more or less the same as in the original Mass Effect as are the way you interact with your crewmates. The story, compared to the first game, is significantly larger. While it took me around 12-13 hours to beat the first Mass Effect, it's  taken me well over 20 to finish the second outing. The way you activate abilities and use ammo powers is no longer in a menu screen but in an in game  wheel. And, instead of the guns just having an infinite supply of bad guy killing projectiles, there is actual ammunition in the form of thermal clips. I found myself running out of ammo far too frequently and was forced to melee until I found more thermal clips. I doubt this was any fault of the game's though, I hardly ever walk over the dead bodies of my fallen enemies. The animation and graphics of this game are far better than its progenitor. All in all I must say that Mass Effect 2 is one of the best games I've played to date. The only gripe I have is the mineral scanning. You must constantly scan planets (hint: the smaller planets always have rich resources) in order to get elements to upgrade the Normandy SR-2. If you don't install those upgrades early on, you will regret not doing so later on in the game. I've always wanted to be a gaming journalist and I figure this is the best place to start, right here on

cheers, Anthony