I just finished LIMBO and I was just blown away from start to finish. I went in expecting a solid puzzle/platformer and was rewarded with so much more, time after time.

I will start off with what I did not like about the game. The only thing I can come up with is the length of it. I'm not one that thinks a developer should lengthen a game just for the heck of it but I was very disappointed that it ended so abruptly and that was it...I suppose any attempt to add to it may have created some boredom or repeating puzzles/segments but still, I would have loved more secrets and puzzles, maybe some more free-form exploration.

First, the visuals. Like monochrome black and white with varying shades of grey. A very stark presentation throughout, hazy and crisp at the same time. The level design had different areas that would phase with a seamless transition. First an almost ancient tribal jungle/forest area which somehow flowed into a 1950's industrial revolution complete with gears and whirring machinery puzzles, electricity and old-timey elevators. The last area remained somewhat industrialized yet contained gravity altering switches and levers that would rotate the world all while requiring the player to solve puzzles on the fly.

The audio was subtle yet very atmospheric with the occasional ambient tone shift upon solving certain puzzles. Pretty much just the boys' footsteps sounding sort of enclosed I guess. Like hearing it from within the world he was in.

The puzzles were very clever and pretty much all physics based. They had realistic solutions, discounting the later gravity-shifting moments. They all required a bit of thought, some more than others and I was only left totally stumped a few times. Death was rampant as the design philosophy seemed to be trial and error. Sometimes you would just have to die first to rule out a possible solution. Despite that, I rarely found myself frustrated even when I was just plain stuck.

The end left me wanting more but also kept me thinking and trying to decipher meaning from all of the (possible) symbolic elements of the game, all which tied into the core puzzle-solving mechanic.

Overall a solid platform-puzzle game, with a very moody atmosphere and unique visual style.