Brink is a FPS with an attempted RPG leveling system that leaves something to be desired.  You start by designing your own character from a limited creation palette(all the faces seem abnormally long to me) Then decide if you want to save the ark(the only surviving land mass after a giant flood) or escape it.  The story has 8 missions that can be approached from either side, but if you play both the story gets confusing.  The game utilizes a parkour system called SMART which feels similar to Assassins Creed in first person(you run at an obstacle and climb with L button).  There are 4 classes offering different abilities to help with team based objectives, but unless your playing online you have to switch repeatedly to finish a mission because the AI on your team sucks.  The gun play is inaccurate and frustrating, plus constant orders from the leader of your faction are distracting.  The game is short and lacks replay, but the SMART movement system is definitely something I would enjoy in other shooters.