I had a lot of fun with this game. I honestly wanted to know how it would end, and I was hooked til the end. However, the game has many problems that hold it back from true greatness. The AI is not very intelligent, and would generally just pop in and out of cover til I headshot them with my pistol. This actually brings up something I did like about the game. For the most part, you can main with whatever weapon you want to, heavy weapons excluded. For most of the game, I would mainly pick enemies off with my pistol. But late in the game, when enemies rarely used that, Id switch to my explosive revolver and silenced smg. Stealth, when it works, is really well done, however the battery system, which does not really work, takes a lot of the fun out of it. I can only use takedowns when I have battery power, but most of the batteries don't even recharge without items. If I could recommend one patch to be made, it would be to have an option or upgrade to make all batteries recharge, in sequence of course.

Spoilers of sorts: 

However, my biggest complaint was the ending. In the first two Deus Ex's, you learn what your choice at the end will do. However, in this, when you make your choice, Adam, the main character, just starts monologuing about how the decision he made was the right one. No actual repercussions from the choice I make are actually seen. I suppose this would be chalked up to the fact that its a prequel, so the future is already decided. But if thats the case, how can you advertise that your choice means anything? I suppose I just have a problem with prequels with stuff like this, but enough about that.

Long story short, its entertaining, but it has its flaws.