Deus Ex: Machina.  What can be said about this classic game, outside of the fact that I hold no reservations that I truly loved it.  This game at its time was shelved behind its faster more aggressive counterparts like Half life and Unreal, but still held on tightly to it's beliefs.  Which couldn't be said for its secondary release of Deus Ex:  Invisible War.  The primary difference between them is the complexity of the leveling system, the depth of the stealth mechanic, and the joy of exploring.  During Ex Machina, when I'd wander into enemy fire, I knew I wouldn't survive, weapons were scarce and enemies were tough.  The game, was hard, and it's REALLY funny dialog and mouth animations that can only really be expressed with an emote:



It just added to it's flavor.  Invisible war, felt too much like the other games I had played before.  Too much run and gun, not enough stealth.  I could easily out shoot anything, and it took away from that sense of power I had as an Aug.  Oh wait, sorry Bio mod was it?  Either way it was rather forgettable.  Easy combat, lack of direction, the scenery was nice, and combat, while fun, didn't "Feel" Deus Ex.


Deus Ex:  Human Revolution.  This game will have you sneaking around corners, hiding from enemy fire, scurrying in dark congested alley ways and air ducts, thinking like you normally wouldn't in a shooter.  It makes you think, and feel like a predator; and it feels good.


The game play gives you a slew of options at your fingertips.  Do I go in guns blazing?  Or do I sneak around?  Do I kill the guard and leave his corpse displayed like a warning?  Or do I silently knock him out and leave his body where the others wont find him?  Do I snipe him with my tranq rifle?  Or do I get down and dirty with wet work using my sling-blade styled arm swords?  Options are beautiful.


But there's more than just hunting down prey.  There's a very in-depth storyline following around Adam Jenson and his "Chrome" self.  Murder, death, betrayal, even a really cool leveling system to boot!


Graphically...  The characters... look a little taxed.  Especially Jenson.  Every time I look at his face, I cant help but snicker because of his "Green goblin" power chin.  But the world itself is alive and wonderfully animated, you wont get tired of this game anytime soon.


If you want a really good shooter with heavy stealth implications, I would strongly recommend this game.