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not a review, but fruit ninja features a notable flaw GI's review is lacking

the price, at 10 bucks and having played fruit ninja on the iphone for much cheaper, and the fact that the game requires a kinect to use makes for a pretty shoddy sell, while I'm sure the gameplay itself is worth the 8.00 score, these two issues feel like a serious kick in the pants


  • No duh requiring a kinect to play a kinect game? How does that make it bad?

  • Your review is so horrible...I don't even know why I'm taking the time to respond, but someone has to SILENCE YOU, lol!!! You're complaining about 10 bucks??? Seriously, it's only 10 BUCKS! I already own Fruit Ninja for my phone as well. Even though I paid under $2 for that game, the $10 price tag isn't something to gripe about. You're complaining about purchasing a Kinect??? This game wasn't marketed to sell the Kinect or consoles. If you go out and buy the Kinect, just to play this game, then you're not a smart consumer anyway! And coming from someone that purchased this arcade game & played it for 30 min. with my lady, it is a great buy. There is a significant gameplay difference between slicing fruit with your finger and slicing fruit with your body! Throw in achievement points, bonus features that aren't included in the current game for phones & pads, co-op gameplay, and HD graphics...what you get is an addictive game that will have you going back for seconds. And guess what....it only cost me TEN BUCKS!!!
  • This is bad Chaos. Kinect required in a game with Kinect in its name? Blasphemy!

    I give this review a 1.

  • The game priced at $10 is a flaw?! From what I hear from my friends that purchased it, they've told me the game is actually a lot of fun to play. If this pricing is an issue for you, maybe you should consider a new hobby. Can't remember the last time I purchased a new game, that was loads of fun for such a low price.

  • I don't understand how this game would be as much fun if you had to play with a controller

  • Have you played the game?  If you had given it a try, you would probably truly enjoy the game.  For the ten dollar price, you are getting much more than just what you get on your phone.  There are multiple play modes, the Sensei's Shwag where you can change the background and interface of the game, as well as multiplayer.

    Also, if you do not have a Kinect, why are you rating Kinect games?

  • So if it's not a review, why are you posting it as a review?

  • At least this game is fun, unlike the other 2 dozen Kinect titles out there.

    I owna Kinect mostly for my 4yr old and not a single game out yet has held my attention for more than 10 minutes. Fruit Ninja however remains fun even if I only play it once a week or so.

  • theres no way to comment on reviews and after paying five bucks for games that offered more content on xbox live before felt it was a bit of an oversight, and since GI doesn't have to pay for the game they don't need to look at it from that kind of consumer viewpoint, the longest I have ever spent with fruit ninja at any given time has been 5 minutes and like the gimmick of it wears off after a handful of games, it's fun, but at ten bucks it's an investment that I wouldn't be willing to pay for even if I had a Kinect, believe me, I did not want to write this review, but no one else had mentioned what I had at the time

  • and for ten bucks what else could I get on XBLA? how many hours upon hours worth of enjoyable experiences could I get for that much money? and you're suggesting I spend it on a game where I cut fruit, excuse me for not feeling the 10 dollar price is worth it
  • those are issues? how weird..