My experience with GTA4 a great time. This city felt like a real city with with thousands of things to do and people to see. If feel like this game will never get old. GTA4 had a pretty good story with interesting and funny characters. But enough of that lets talk about The Lost and the Damned follows Johnny Klebitz or (Johnny the Jew) in a biker gang called the Lost. The gang is doing just fine until the Lost's president comes out of rehab.The story for The Lost and the Damned isn't all that great and neither are the characters (with few exeptions) The story will also interlap with Niko Bellic's story, these are my favorite moments in the story.

The missions them selves are more divers than GTA4 and the checkpoint systems have been greatly improved. Another great thing Rockstar did was make bakes easy to ride. While in GTA4 if you hit any bump you would get tossed off the bike in The Lost and the Damned its much harder to. You're really never alone, you can call you're biker friends for new kickass weapons (one of which is a fully automatic shotgun) or for another bike.This expansion makes Liberty City feel like another city it has a completly different feel from GTA4.

Content wise they also add alot like new radio stations, new shows, websites, vehicals and more! Overall The Lost and the Damned is a great DLC.