I've spent an enormouse amount of time playing this game, both single and multiplayer on both consoles and PC, but this version is the weakest of the three.

Major downfalls of the PC version: no stat tracking, no leaderboards, no dedicated server support, a long delay on dlc releases compared to the consoles, IWnet's terrible anticheat functionality (much more prevelent on PC), no control pad support

Major benefits of PC version: no quickscoping

This game was absolutly created for consoles. The graphics customizability is poor, having few options other than what comes standard (low antialiasing and such). The major bugs with online, now that they are finally fixed, took weeks to months to fix (for all versions), dropping the appeal of playing this when it first released.

I could go into details on my actual complaints of the game and praise its igh quality parts, but odds are you already know. Final words for you: Buy this on XBox