I shall start off this review with thefact that you will die alot. But with those deaths come the knowledge that enables you to overcome these obstacles. Each time I died I admit I was a bit jaded, but the next time I gt to that part in a level I knew what was coming and was able to adapt my play style to come out on top. I haven't had this type of gaming "high" since I played Ocarina of Time growing up. Throught this game I came up against what seemed as insurmountable odds, but with strategy and skill with a dash of luck you can and will beat this game. Demon's Souls gives you all the tools you need to beat this game, but like most games it all depends on how you use them. You'll slowly learn the attack speed of certain weapopns and casting times and by the end you'll be an amazing gerbil wheel of death. Throughout my review i'll also be sprinkling in tips that I wish I had when starting off, but they are only suggestions so play the way that you want to. On to the review

     Starting a new game in Demon's Souls is normal RPG fare. You customize your own character and select a preset "class." You should be wary of which one you pick though. Even though the temple knight looks best at the start he may not be the type of character you want to play. His armor is quite good for starting off, but will slow you down considerably and not enable you to dodge roll effectivley. You should also take into consideration that the higher your Soul Level the more souls it takes to increase. As well as the class you choose doesn't really have any effect on what your character is like or how they play. I would suggest using the Wanderer because he has a moderte soul level and th leather armor he has gives alright protection.

   Once you start you really see how beautiful this game is. The animations are top notch with much detail put into all of it. From armor sets to large in game set pieces that involve large dragons breathing fire or one of the largest bosses I have ever seen in a game that flies over the stage and rains large spears of death down on you. It could also be said that it's one of the easiest boss battles as well. Hint: hide inside the house. Even the armor sets and some of the weapons are incredibly detailed and bring the world even more to life. The last "area" you venture to after defeating all of the worlds bosses is one of eerie tranquility that I really thought was quite an awe inspiring sight. It just melted cool out of every pixel.

    The gameplay is extremley solid as well. You control every aspect of your characters movements so you shouldn't blame terrible hit detection or the difficulty being to tough. This game can be beat at level 1. Don't believe me look it up on youtube. Some asian guy did it. I digress. This game will kick your ass multiple times, but every time you die you learn a valuable lesson. Whether that being where an enemy is located or what type of spell you should bring with you next time through that level. As you progress through the game you'll slowly learn the nuances like swing speed and casting times that enable you to progress through the game. I do have one complaint about a very cheap enemy that supremely cheap and killed me multiple times with a very cheap combo. The only complaints I truly have about this game is that there is not enough story which I feel could have helped distrated from the multiple deaths.

    The multiplayer implemented in this game is really creative in my opinion. I like the idea of seeing other players exploring the levels as you do and the ability to leave messages behind to help other players. What I didn't like was the inconsistent manner of which to have other players help out with levels. My friend and I kept trying to join a party and defeat an extremly difficult boss, but each time i'd lay a Soul Sign down he wasn't able to see it. Other than that the multiplayer is a blast when it actually works and invading phantoms of other players really brings a sense of tension that I haven't found in other games. All in all this game was an amazing experience that I suggest other people who like feeling accomplished from beating a game and are into rpg's give a try.

If you have any comments or concerns feel free to comment and tell me how I could improve. Thank you and happy gaming.