Darksiders plays smoothly, looks sharp, sounds great, and provides about 15 hours of single-player content. There's lots of gear to collect, weapons to upgrade, combos to learn, and special items to find. There's a range of enemy-rich environments, puzzle dungeons and reasons to backtrack. All seems to be in order for a standout gaming experience, but I felt a few elements of the game limit the range of its entertainment value.

You play as War, one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. His power is known and he's treated with a certain sliver of respect by even the most powerful of dungeon bosses. Sure people want to kill you because they falsely think you screwed up the balance between Heaven and Hell and blew up all of humanity in the process, but they're still a little apprehensive when confronting you. It's empowering to have supreme beings spout their standard death threats without forgetting to properly address you as a Horseman. They're angry and they're arrogant enough to fight you, but that doesn't mean they won't recognize your status.

Like in God of War, when you do enough damage to a foe a input prompt will pop up over their head. You hit the button and it kills the enemy. The difference in Darksiders is that there aren't any quick-time event (QTE) sequences following the input of the kill command, something I think anyone else who thinks QTEs are overused will appreciate. If it's a common foe it'll be an animation specific to the enemy type, and if it's a boss of the mini or final variety, it'll be something more elaborate and brutal. In this way, you get a nice reward for successfully utilizing the combat system, which, as it turns out, isn't very difficult to do.