The moment i started playing Modern warfare 2 i was like WOW and OMG I didnt see that comeing it is recomended to peaple to like first person shooters with its great multiplayer and single player though i would recomend you play spec ops in solo mode


5 years after the events of the Modern warfare 1 you play as multaple charicters through out the story basicley remember Zakahav (the dude you killed in modern warfare 1) he has a assistant called Makarov and he is basicley super mad about killing his boss. so (SPOILER ALERT)  russies start invadeing the U.S.A witch you fight in as a american in one charicter you play as. meanwhile task force 141 is trying to uncover the conspericy behind Makarov. the story is verey tense and makes you wonder whats gonna happen next.(5/5)


After your done with singile player you can go do the online muliplayer it has several maps to play on (my favorate is the airport map) and alot of weapon unlocks. Weapon attachments and camos can be unlocked via chalenges like for example get 15 head shots to unlock digital camo the multiplayer has some campy maps to make sure you throw a grenadein to a room that you know has campers. (4/5)


coop online is imposible to get into if i were you i would recomend to do coop on solo mode. (2/5)

Overal rateing

Overall modern warfare 2 is a must buy for first person shooter fans with its great multiplayer and story however if you want to do coop do it alone.