The first Just Cause was buggy, and the missions were bland. When I heard about the second I prayed for a different experience. This  was the answer to my prayers. Just to get things straight, this is not a GTA clone. Calling it that would be like calling chime a tetris clone. The graphics are beutiful, which makes blowing stuff up look epic. The voice acting is cheesy and exaggerated, and I love it. The explosions sound great. Gameplay is what helps this be a great game, but some weapons feel underpowered, and the good guns have hard-to-find ammo. Vehicles are varied. Nothing says awesome like hanging from a helicopter while going into a military base to kill a lot of baddies. Also, playing it with one of your favorite songs while narrating to yourelf to make a faux-action movie trailer is great. if you like heavy action and explosions (who doesn't?) then buy this game.