Dead Space has got to be the most interesting, intense game in recent generation. If you have yet to play game you must be doubtful about some aspect. As someone who loves RPGs, I'm telling you this game is great. It's not an RPG in most senses, but it is in others.

Perhaps the greatest element of RPG to the game is what drives the game itself - the idea that Isaac Clarke, the player character is a simple engineer, having to use mining tools as weaponry, immediately adds a new element to the game play that few games do. To put it best - you are not a hero. At all. You are lucky if you survive. And you can't make any mistakes. Yes, that's right, no mistakes. Dead Space, more than any other game, makes you feel like Isaac Clarke, because, simply put, other games let you screw up without seeing your character brutally murdered before your eyes. This, and turning the "level" format into a constant, draining, awesome experience, only broken up by peaceful moments of riding the in-ship trolley, is what really makes this game great. The suit and weapon customization options also add a lot of depth to a character you feel more and more is yourself.

Speaking from a story standpoint, you wont be let down in the slightest. If you managed to hear nothing about Dead Space's story for this long, don't start now. Buy the game, sit back, immerse yourself and realize you're in for a treat. Let's just say that there's multiple twists, they're all awesome, you feel them in your heart every single time, and it'll be something you don't ever forget.

You can get the game pretty cheap now, so go ahead, do yourself a favor scare the **** outta yourself. I'm sure you earned it.