in my opinion dragon age: origins was one of the most epic games of 2009,and it seems like Bioware to give the public something that they never had in origins...a more in depth experience. Dragon Age 2 does just that, with a story that brings you more in depth with your Character as well as companions,the story takes place during and after the events of Origins, you play as Hawke a warrior,mage,or rogue from lothering He and his family are fleeing the blight in search of kirkwall where there uncle has an Estate as well as a fortune left for them, you soon reach Kirkwall only to find out your uncle (Gamlin) has wasted all the money,and sold the Estate, in order to get inside the city, Hawke and  his sister must work for 1 year (During which the Final Events of Origins take place) you then must do various tasks to gain Enough Coin for an Expedition into the Deep Roadsnow I Will  go as far as there because i simply Dont Want to Ruin the story. The games Combat system was a bit Slow in the first game however this time around things are quite the opposite. The new system is more That of an Action RPG,Hacking and Slashing your way through Crowds of Enemies with Each tap of the Button, and it's Definitely Satisfying.The graphics have been completely upgraded from the last game , which was known for its poor graphics (On Consoles) this adds more of a polished and nice touch to the game. All In All Dragon Age 2 Delivers a Great campaign that Runs about 45 Hours long, it is a satisfying taste to what Bioware has Planned for the Dragon Age Series in the Near Future, and it has me wanting for more. For My Video Review of Dragon Age 2 Cklick Here:

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