Wow, where do I start with this game.  How about the upside?  Decent story and graphics aren't too bad(but not great either).   Its fun teaming up with people for quests.  The items are pretty cool although it takes FOREVER to get anything worth a ***.  Uh...I guess fighting with other players can be fun.  And, that's it.

Now the downside....everything.  Let's start at the 15 dollar a month price tag.  Its not worth it.  Oh, and once you buy the game you can't sell it back.  NO NEW CONTENT WORTH MENTIONING.  No real way of connecting with people(most people who play this game are jerks and try doing everything themselves which flys in the face of the very thing that could make this game great:  cooperation).   Also, these people trying to do it on their own end up screwing everyone else's game up. 

Most lvl 30 missions are too hard to do alone and usually give you crap that isn't useful.  There isn't that much to do in the game once you reach lvl 30 which takes no time at all and for 15 bucks these people must think we're suckers.  Oh, and the classes aren't balanced, I'm tech like batman so I have gadgets and everyone with fire/magic is WAY TOO POWERFUL.  The idiots that made this game couldn't even make the friggin' classes equal which is pretty *** basic and might make your head explode if you think about it too much.  Almost everytime I do an Arena(PVP) or Legends PVP the game freezes...AND ITS IN ITS 3RD MONTH!!!!!  DID I MENTION YOU HAVE TO PAY 15 DOLLARS A MONTH FOR THIS GAME.  What has been changed since it came out???  NOTHING. What's the new content?  Some stupid love story *** for Valentine's Day THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANYTHING AND IS INCREDIBLY BORING AND STUPID. Whatever you do DON'T BUY THIS GAME.