Jumping, diving, dodging, swinging, & running the fundamentals of the basic parkouring skills.  In this game you will hone in on your speed, hand eye coordination, and execution.  From the time I saw the first trailer I was hooked since I was already a beginner in the parkouring world, then I played the demo and became addicted.


This is Faith the main character, you will be getting to know her and her story along the way, her involvement with why she's trying to help her sister, and why she is running to begin with, but I'm not going to go into detail and spoil the story.

The movement is so fluid, and really makes the player feel, a bit of anxiety, when performing actions like the picture displayed here jumping to a kind of sketchy landing zone from a high altitude.  It's these gut wrenching performances that kept me coming back.

There wasn't much of a combat system since you don't carry any weapons however you can disarm your opponents and then shoot them.  And the different ways you can fight with your enemy's using kind of a martial arts style, and using your environment to launch off a wall and connect with the enemy with a high kick to the head does provide some fulfillment. 

I hope that in the second installment if there is one I have heard that there will be one, as to when no one really knows.  For the second game I would like to see more parkouring on the streets, and not so much on rooftops.  Also I would like to see a free roam/free running mode and maybe even make that mode multiplayer so you and some of your friends can parkour in, on and around the city with no strings attached.  No story, no purpose other than to just parkour free style.

I would also like to be able to create a custom character to parkour with, and an integration of some sort of money system.  So that you could take that money to a shop and buy other gear such as better shoes that might increase your characters abilities, and other items like backpacks, and clothing ect...


All in all this is a must have game props to the EA team that created it.