Medal of Honor is good but not as good as it was expected to be. The game definitely has its strong points, but lacks in to many other ways.

Presentation: The graphics seem very inconsistent. The background environments look absolutely gorgeous from afar, but the closer you get you notice they actually look pretty bad. The character models look good for the most part. The game looks promising graphically, but it doesn't come all the way through.

Campaign: The campaign for Medal of Honor is nothing special. It is a blend of the other great first-person shooter games. MOH mixes around the gameplay so one mission is going through a village wiping out everything and the next is riding in vehicles or being stealthy as you overlook an enemy base. The game does have vehicles that you get to use throughout, as well as using lasers to target air strikes. The actual combat plays out like Battlefield Bad Company 2, but the level designs and missions play out like the Call of Duty series. There isn't really a problem with the game, its just that it has all been done before and to a better level.

Multiplayer: The online play is supposed to be the perfect mix of tactical and action. For the most part it does do that. When you start a match you pick a class to be, much like Battlefield. The classes are rifleman, sniper, and Special Ops, it would have been nice to see another class to use. One thing that really seemed to lack to me was each class has no special things about them. In Battlefield each man had something about them that made you want to be them. Another thing that was lacking was the amount of weapons. You very rarely get to see any new ones. The maps are fun for the most part because they are designed to not favor any one class, and this is true for the most part.  Multiplayer was fairly fun to play, it was not up to the standards of DICE's previous Battlefield accomplishment.

Medal of Honor looked like it had potential. The game isn't too bad, it just doesn't bring anything new or special. It also looked good graphically for the most part.  The game was fairly entertaining, however I set my expectations too high.  Overall I give this game an 8.0/10.