First off, this one blows Deadspace out of the water. Much more creepy feel to it. Whether it's the ambient almost dead silence or the clawing of necromorphs all around you not knowing where and when ones going to be coming out. They just trow you into hell with this one. Right from the start you're fighting to stay alive within minutes you're looking around every corner making sure it's safe to walk. The biggest improvements that I've seen from the game are the no more people telling you to go and do stuff for them the whole game, more human face to face interaction but not so much where you don't feel like you're all alone and completely helpless. The aiming system is still as smooth as ever. More diverse enemies which is awesome because now you don't feel like you're killing the same thing again and again. The lighting is what's really breathing taking. They put near perfect lighting to set the mood in just about every room you are in. A + on the graphics and story. Just about everything is god with the game except I wish they had a quick-turn in the came. I can't tell you how many times I ran head first into a complete mess of Necromorphs or just needed to turn around quickly to run somewhere, but had to slowly run in a circle. All in all the game is just jaw-dropping. Definitely a great way to start off 2011.