With childish graphics and the cute music, you get to fight zombies a whole new way. Most of the time, you will see those zombie killing games rated M because of all the blood, gore, and swears. Though, this is a whole new way to kill zombies. Plants taking up there war helmets and defending the house behind them, everything about this game is exciting. No guns, not much blood and guts, and absolutely no swearing! This is fun for all ages, including the little 10 year old that has their eyes stuck to the television because they have found video games...(Angelic glowing hum) oooohhhh, video games.

I find this game introduced to me by my older brother. And me being 17 and love awesome blood and gore games and movies, I found myself intrigued by the kid friendly graphics and game play. The music fits this game perfectly, giving it a playful atmosphere. So, why pick up your gun and waste all that lead? Go plant some sunflowers and pee shooter plants. Get ready, the next wave of zombies are here to attack!