Hello everybody, well I'm here to write my personal review about Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. It's been quite a awhile since a game with Hot Pursuit in it's title has hit the shelves, and this new remake of Need for Speed's epic cop/racer franchise has gave the game quite the stardom among racing/driving genre fans. Many fans of the Hot Pursuit franchise have purchased this game and most have agreed that it has been the best installation in the series to date, pleasing fans on quite the level leading up to it's nomination and win of the Best Driving game of 2010 as voted by the public in the 2010 VGAs. Well on to the game:

Graphics:In Seacrest County the scenery is quite the eye candy as you blast through snowy mountains, harsh deserts, coastal freeways and big forests in the vast variety of cars in the game. The cars look pretty swell themselves and although it's graphics may not be on par with other racing games like Gran Turismo 5, they are quite polished and distinguished themselves. Damage on the cars look very accurate as bumpers fly off as you get rear-ended by cops and other racers, and the crashes are as epic and catastrophic and you're gonna get them with Burnout's own Criterion in the mix of game designing. 


Sound:Have you heard the engines on these cars?! They sound almost just-like, if not identical to the real life monstrous cars they portray! The soundtrack isn't the best, and is quite repetitive but that problem is immediately solved with a custom soundtrack that you choose in the game's audio settings based on a playlist you created and saved on your PS3. How swell is that? Busting racers or leaving cops in the dust is always fun when you do it to your own tunes.


Playability:The option to hop in to a illegal street racer's car, or hop into a SCPD's finest's inteceptor whenever you want is extremely pleasing, as you can choose between playing both careers at your will. Although the game doesn't include a back story, their is always a presentation and a reason for the chase or even that's happening, so this really makes up for it. Races are fun, but Interceptor and Hot Pursuit matches are the real standout  as players play as either the cop or the racer and have to meet their goals of either passing the finish line or preventing the racers from passing it. And on top of that, the cops have a problem, racers carry their own equipment to fight back, making what seems to be a simple goose chase into a strategic fight to the finish line. The career offers the chances to play these modes from time to time, put the player who's jonesing for more of these modes can hop online and take the fight to other players around the globe.


Entertainment:As if online and career supercharged,extreme, strategic, racing and chasing isn't enough, the game's Auto-Log feature gives competition a whole new meaning. As you play through your career, you will set a time of completion for each event, and this time is presented to all your friends for they can attempt to beat it, and if you do beat a friend's score, you can always flaunt it with a personal comment on your friend's "wall", which contains all updates based on your friend's events. Also, in-game pictures can be taken and posted to your wall via Auto-Log for your friends to see and comment on. The game's Auto-Log feature can be accessed via the web, i-phone, i-pad and other carriers to always keep tab on your scores and records. Your page can also be customized with your own profile pic which you can either take in-game via PS3-Eye, or can be uploaded at the games's website.


Replay Value: High


My Opinion:If you like racing games, but hate repetitiveness this is the game for you. As no race or chase in this game will feel the same, as you change locations, earn new weapons or face new challenges. Online play makes it even more interesting, as you play all the game's popular mode's against other players. This game has alot to offer, and more things are being added to it as we speak. So if racing is your thing, but you want a game that is dynamic and will not dull on you anytime soon, Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit is the game for you.

PS:I play this game on PS Network, so fell free to check out my page here to see my id and add me for a few races, would be glad to oblige :)

HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone :)