Purchasing and Downloading Scott Pilgrim was one of my favorite and easiest decisions I have made this year. At a price tag of only 10$ you would have to be plum crazy to not purchase this wonderous game that brings many memories back of playing in Partyhouse Pizza and literally feeding the machines my coins so that I can get back into my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade beat 'em up with my cousins and friends.Hearing the retro music and menu was one of the coolest moments i've seen from a game in a long time reminding me of Mega Man 2's opening cinematic (if I can call it that) and getting pumped from the music ad ready to die thousands of times. Unlike Mega Man, Scott Pilgrim doesn't need thousands of trial and errors to finish a boss or complete a segment of a leve. Every time I died I knew exactly what mistake i had made to put me in that position from not blocking correctly or being just plain reckless, but there ins't that much of a penalty for death so needn't worry about that to much. The only thing that happens when you actually lose all your live's is having to restart the story, but that didn't matter to much to me because I, unlike many, like to grind and level up which is another part that I really loved about the game as well. Leveling up lets you learn new moves and increases your health, but to enhance your power, speed, defense, and willpower up you need to collect the money from defeated enemies and purchase various items from vendors to increase your stats. It's a neat touch, but I would have rather have them level up gradually instead of all at once when I have the money. Multiplayer is a terrific blast when you have enough friends and controllers to access that feature, but if you don't it makes you sit and wonder why the hell they didn't put in an online mulitplayer feature. Other than those two "complaints" the game is amazing and brings a satisfying treat to new and old Scott Pilgrim fans alike.

           Hopefully this review has helped make you decide on whether or not you want to cough up the 10$, which I highy advise, and enjoy Scott Pilgrim. Comment and please tell me how I can improve with my writing. Thanks