First of all if anybody expects something other than a puzzle game is greatly mistaken. All previews/trailers suggested it's a puzzle game. And none of the puzzles were hard at all. There are three types, some involve precision skills, and some needs a little strategy (but nothing really over the top). The only thing that threw me off was not knowing both sides of the mirror can be used XD (hint, hint). I think the story's pretty good (but too short, as is the game). It's definitely worth to go through all routes but after that the game has very low replay value. For $5 it's just the right price, plus you get a special suit for the upcoming game Dead Space 2. Of course it's an even greater value if you get Dead Space Ignition for free by preordering DS2 (which I did :P). For people who go crazy about trophies... not to worry, they come by really easy.