I never had any intention of buying Dead Space when I first heard about it.  I hated anything related to horror, so why would i buy a horror game?  I heard from so many of my friends that is was the scariest game they ever played, so i never once considered buying it.  Then about two years later, I got the GI issue with Dead Space 2 as its cover story, and then I got interested.  So I bought it, and I have to say, It is one of my favorite games I own.

Dead Space is a single-player, action/horror/survival game.  You play as Isaac Clarke, a regular guy trying to make an honest living as a miner.  You receive a distress signal from a ship called the Ishimura, which your girlfriend is on.  Upon arriving to the ship with a few companions, Isaac is immediately thrown into hell.  He and his companions soon find out that some kind of terrible alien disease sort of thing as spread throughout the entire ship, turning ordinary humans into monstrous, bloodthirsty creatures, called Necromorphs.  At first it's a battle for survival, but Isaac and his companions soon learn that this strange plague is more than just a random occurrence.

So without giving anything away, that's the story.  Lets talk about gameplay.  Dead Space is basically a third person action/shooter game.  You're given a wide variety of weapons and abilities to battle the Necromorphs.  First and foremost, are the guns.  The first gun you gut is called the plasma cutter, which is like a pistol in this world.  Despite this, it is probably the best weapon in the game.  It's totally over powered, and theres even an achievement for beating the game using only the plasma cutter.  There's also a flamethrower, a type of machine gun, and even a gun that shoots saw blades (which is my personal favorite).  In my opinion, the guns are terribly balanced.  I really only used the machine gun for killing these little parasitic guys, and they don't show up a whole lot.  But there are many other guns that the player can use and experiment with.  

The player is also given two abilities called stasis and kinesis.  Stasis allows you to slow time on whichever object you shoot it at (even enemies).  Kinesis allows you to move and pick up distant objects and throw them with at enemies, kinda like the Force.  However this ability is hard to use against incoming Necromorphs; I rarely ever used it.  These two abilities, along with all of your weapons, armor and health, can be upgraded by finding power nodes.  These are sometimes hard to find and are limited, so choose what you want to upgrade wisely (you can buy them for 10,000 credits in the store however).

The thing that impressed me the most, however, was how Dead Space brought up a real sense of fear in the player.  Low ammunition, the sounds, the dark atmosphere all add to it.  This game shows how you how there really is fear of the unknown.  But that's what makes it such an amazing game.  After playing this, I can't wait to see how Dead Space 2 turns out.