Combat is fluid
Beautiful graphics
Wide array of weaponry to use and play around with
Fun bosses

Story is thin and predictable
Complicated control system

Although it does nothing new to the Action/Adventure genre, Darksiders does a great job at taking the combat elements of God of War and the exploration and puzzle solving and exploration from Legend of Zelda and putting them together in this game; only falling short when it comes to story.

Graphics 8.5/10
From the lush vegetation to the sandy desert, Darksiders does an excellent job of portraying each of its areas beautifully. Although it's not the realistic look that many games today shoot for, the "World of Warcraft" look compliments the game more than hinders. Don't be too surprised at finding yourself rotating the camera button just to soak in the surroundings.

Gameplay 8/10
Combat is very smooth in this game. Combos are fairly simple to pull and the ability to interrupt and doge mid-combo makes players feel that they are in full control of the character. You have the ability to switch between your primary and secondary weapons on the fly so combat isn't interrupted as you change your strategy dealing with various enemies. The toy's you are given are fun to use despite some issues with controls. Riding Ruin, Wars horse, is also an enjoyable experience because it feels natural and not a poorly tacked on element to the game.
One part that is a pain is platforming. War, although surprisingly agile in combat, seems to have trouble jumping from one platform to another. There is a slight lag between when you hit the X button and when he actually performs the jump. It's takes some time to get used to and until then, War will continue to think you want him falling off the ledge to his death instead of leaping that gap.

Replay Value
Poor. Sad to say, you will probably play through this at the most twice: once on Normal, once on Apocalyptical for the Gold Trophies. Its one of those 'been there, done that' kind of games. There is no New Game+ to keep all your items and levels due to the nature of the game and the story just isn't quite there to keep it after you've raped it of its trophies.

Rent It
Its a great game for those who've played GoW and Legend of Zelda series but it just doenst have enough appeal to hold, especially with GoW3, FFXIII, and Heavy Rain coming out. Although it is not purchase material, it is definitely a rent for the experience (and the easy trophies).