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Awesome game from the Burnout makers

It didn't take long for me to like this game. It actually was the first race. It was simply put a white knuckle experience. The race was intense and it came down to me drafting the racer in front of me and using the last of my nitro. Finishing first was awesome but it was what I saw next that sweetened the pot. I was tops on my friends list with that time. (Played the game on the 17th) So it went for a few more events until I was tops on my friends list. The police events aren't quite as intense as the racing career but they're still fun to play. I like how the game gives you a taste of the later cars in the form of time trails to encourage you to continue progressing. Just to reiterate again this game is awesome. If you're a fan of racing games buy this. You won't be disappointed

  • this game looks amazing. hopefully its good there hasnt been a really good NFS since most wanted.

  • I like the return to the old style gameplay, and the game runs beautifully on my pc. Its always been a winning feature to have the cops chasing you.

    I would have given this a 9. but for the woeful support for steering wheels. the ps3 dosent even support logitech wheels and the ridiculas deadzone issues on the pc version make it virtually unplayable with a wheel. so far criterion have not released any word of fixing these issues. so avoid till they fix it if you have any intention of using a wheel.

    So score 9 if you use a joypad, or 5 if you want to actually use a sterring wheel.

  • Cool cant wait to get it !!