Ok when i started this game i was thinking that this will be easy for me. But five mins in the game it din't seem easy for me. From the elevators and other guys dying in front of me. Theres a lot of things in the game you hate. Theres no interface, every thing is in your face. And did i tell you about the jump scares, all of them scared the crap out of me. Also when you die your not going to like what i'm about to say. They don't just stab you and GAME OVER! They rape you stab you cut your head off and.......GAME OVER!!!!!!!!!!! 

Dead space is a great horror game that will blow your mind....and i'm mean really. If you are in to scary games get this one, pick it up, kill your self......OK dead space is a must by. And one of the scariest games i ever played.