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Hands down the most abysmal game on Xbox Live or PSN. It actually can not even be called a game, it is just a horribly acted and drawn comic book with some lame and boring mini games thrown in. You know, I am not against the idea of $5 downloads as a way to build up hype for an upcoming game. Dead Rising: Case Zero is a great example of this. They gave you 3 solid hours worth of real gameplay, which begged to be played again to level up your character and find all of the missions. You could also import your leveled up character into Dead Rising 2.

It was all original content as well, and not pulled from the full retail release. For $5, it was a steal. That was a prime example of how to do it right. Dead Space Ignition is a prime example of how NOT to do it. This isn't a game. It is something they wanted to make on the cheap and scam you out of $5. Once they realized how awful it was, they decided to just give it away to people who bought the retail game new, yet still charge for it on Xbox Live and PSN. You are not getting to actually play Dead Space 2 here. Think of how great it would have been if you could have actually played a 3 hour long prequel to the full release? Maybe a story about the characters of the last game and what they were doing before they got into that whole mess of trouble.

But no, this is not what we got. We got one of the worst "games" to ever be allowed onto my hard drive, and a game which has seriously made me question EVER buying another $5 pre release game like this again. That includes the new Red Faction over head racer...I mean, come one. When you think of Red Faction, do you think "Twisted Metal Ripoff"??? Or, do you think "Run around and blow *** up"? Someone should tell THQ that no one wants to buy a $5 over head racer built in the Red Faction universe. If only they learned from Capcom and just gave us 3 or so hours worth of real gameplay.

  • The only thing wrong with this article is that it's Case Zero not Code Zero. Other than that you've nailed what I was going to say!

  • Sad.  Not surprised that companies would attempt to cash in on terrible and ill-planned "teasers," but... do they not consider how negatively this reflects on them and their product?

    I guess thinks are so mainstream, so commercialized, that you can get away with it.  Of course I'm still looking forward to DS 2, but there's room for concern.  They didn't waste too much time making this thing I guess?

    Get it your game right, don't expect us to shell out anything for a terrible excuse for a "prequel."  How much more of this do we see coming in the future though?