Initially, the game Brutal Legend may not be love at first sight. What with this game not being part of a blockbuster franchise and the fact that the creator Tim Schafer isn't very well-known outside of the Video game industry may block people from gaining much interest in this game. Please, do not try to join this group, as they are missing out on one of the most creative and imaginative experiences in a very long time.

The game starts out showing you the story of lead protagonist Eddie Riggs (Voiced by Jack Black) who is labeled as the "Best Roadie", yet is stuck working for the worst Nu-Metal band ever. (The band name is Kabbage Boys, need I say more?) In a freak stage accident, he is taken to a whole new world that looks like the best Heavy Metal album covers all put into one world. The result is a beautiful landscape filled with wonderful landmarks. While the graphics may not look extremely realistic, (One of the design artists worked with Pixar) most people will be too immersed in the amazing world to even care. With the insane vehicle "The Deuce" and the game's +100 Metal soundtrack playable in the car's radio system, this marked the first time I looked at art while banging my head to Heavy Metal Artists including Black Sabbath, Tenacious D, Motorhead, Megadeth, and 3 Inches of Blood!

As you might tell from screenshots and previews, Brutal Legend isn't a serious game. While the plot may head in a slightly serious direction halfway through, the whole game is a great laugh with some cleverly well-written jokes and some Metal references that hardcore Rock & Roll fans would understand. Also, the game is filled with voice acting including Metal Masters Ozzy Osbourne, Lemmy Kilmister,  Lita Ford, Rob Halford, and Kyle Gass, all of which perform amazing performances.

Unfortunately, the main disappointer is the way the game is organised. While the gameplay itself is not an issue, (although the inability to jump may be an issue for some) the story mode and multiplayer have their faults. The story mode is great, and each story mission helps you grasp the RTS style of the multiplayer, while the side-missions help you practice coming up with strategies for the multiplayer session. Unfortunately, the side missions are rather repetitive, especially after racing the same demon-thing 20 times, and the main missions are actually great and offer a diverse experience, but there are so few story missions that if you ignore the side missions and hidden collectibles, it may take you about 4 or 5 hours worth of work until you're completed. As for the multiplayer, while the gameplay is good, you can only play with friends, and there is no progression in this section of the game(Unless Trophies and Achievements count) so unless you really enjoy the RTS portion of the game, the multiplayer may not keep you immersed for long.

Despite some faults in the game, it still remains an excellent adventure from start to finish. Thanks to the creative mind of Tim Schafer, the team at Double Fine, and the wide pool of extremely talented voice actors, for once we are given a game that isn't afraid to shy away from the usual bland Hack & Slash games that are prominent in this generation of gaming. Hopefully, the team may see the true potential of the game and take it to the next level in a sequel or add-on missions. However long the wait, I will be patient.