I honestly thought this game was amazing.I have had it since day one!People complain that in the Single Player you die too quickly as a Big Daddy and honestly,you kinda are supposed too.Since you are the "Prototype Big Daddy" your armor is a lot thinner,especially since it was before the civil war broke out.There was no need for thick armor.Now for the Multiplayer.I honestly thought it was a decent experiece,however everything going for it got taken away by lag.However,further way down the road,2K made an update to fix the game.It worked for the most part.The DLC for this game is great as well.Rapture Metro is an amazin map pack if any.You six maps,a new game mode,and 150 new gamerscore for 800 Microsoft Points($10), compared to MW2's five maps for 1200 Microsoft Points($15).Overall,this is one of the best games I have ever played and if people more time to understand they more people would feel the same.