Its not like me to give a XLBA game a very high score, but once I purchased Limbo and booted the game up, I knew my perception of these types of games was about to change. Limbo, like my title states, is a beautiful nightmare. Your character, a mysterious young boy who is nothing more than a black figure with two beady white eyes, is new to the game just like you. He wakes up in the middle of a dark forest, and its up to you and him to discover the world for yourselves.

        I found myself amazed by the artistic design of this game, and yet at the same time, fearful of whatever was around the next corner. Its what you can't see that instills fear, and this game does a incredible job of that. Whether its a spider lurking in the shadows, or a group of three dark figured people chasing you with blow darts, this game always plays with your mind.

        The level design is incredibly creative as well, and also plays along with the color pallets that the designers chose. Everything is grainy, blurry, and foggy. You never know exactly where you are at at anytime. The level design hints at certain themes, like caves, hotels, or forests, but the exact locations are never told. Basically, this game just gives you a taste of what it can offer and leaves you craving more.

        I also enjoyed how dark the game could get. Even though this story is of a little boy, don't expect some Yoshi's Island or Mario side scroller. Limbo can get very violent. Some of the death sequences show the boy being impaled, decapitated, and numerous other terrible deaths. I thought this worked perfect with the atmosphere of the game, and I found myself looking forward to a death much like I did with Issac Clark in Dead Space.

        One of the reasons I gave Limbo such a high score was because of the fact that it changed my outlook on XLBA games for good. Anything that can take a negative outlook to a positive one deserves some props. My hope is that they make a full xbox 360 game out of this idea. Everyone needs to try this game.