This game is has taken many ideas from popular games like 'God of War', and 'Legend of Zelda'. It is no secret, the main character of the game is sized, and brutalizes like Kratos, and the dungeon puzzles rival those of the Zelda series. Despite these, on its own, Darksiders is a very entertaining game thich gives the best of both worlds.

Although Darksiders has an interesting idea base, there isn't been a lot of character development, so if you're the type to want to feel like these characters really exist, then it will be a disappointment. Each character that is introduced doesn't really like to talk about themselves. They act as if they are keeping themselves secret, and if they reveal themselves, then the entire demon legion will come after them. The main character has about three paragraphs of dialog, which is spread throughout the game, which is good considering I mostly wanted to just smash things, and wreak havoc. The most frustrating part of the storyline was that most of the cut scenes could not be skipped.

The controls feel very nice, using different button combinations for a large selection of actions, which would make the N64 controller jealous. For example holding the LB, or L1 button will bring up the magic menu, along with the ability to summon War's steed. War carry's multiple secondary weapons ranging from a portal forming 'gun' (hello Valve), to a very useful hookshot. War's primary weapons include a sword, naturally, a scythe, and a boxing glove made of stone. The weapons system allows you to pair the sword with either of the latter, which proves very useful when you become surrounded after a few moments of battle, or come down to the final, strongest demon. Combined with a hot swap button that can change from scythe to fist at a whim, I really liked this weapons system.

The dungeons have the typical dungeon map, with a treasure locator, and a large skull marking the boss room. The puzzles have you using the secondary weapons you have in stock for most of the dungeon, and usually played a large role in the boss fight. It is a very predictable method when it comes to dungeons, but they do get the job done at challenging you and keeping you entertained.

Again, the makers of Darksiders made it no secret that they had inspiration from other titles, but they have successfully taken multiple things and spliced them into their own creation. All together, Darksiders is a decent game to play, taking what was good from multiple titles, and blending them into another good game. Good, not great, awesome, or breathtaking.