I feel that the story was mediocre and sadly forgettable. None of the characters were unique or didn't care about, but what i did enjoy was a nice concept to parkour your way around the city. The menu design was simplistic and fluid as the cutscenes, which provided a nice feel. 


The art style is unique with the bright vivid colors and simplicity. the only real drag is most of the environment is rehashed throughout the levels and not too detailed, luckily you will be blitzing past these things to notice, though.


I will straight up say that the theme song is absolutely awesome. The sounds of the city and running across buildings are strong, but a lot of the voice acting is sub-par.


the feel of running and jumping over one obstacle to another was a great thrill only when you know what to do next. I admit that i had a hard time trying to figure out that im supposed to do a wall jump, the turn around to jump on a ledge that you couldn't see above. Times like that are pretty frustrating even though they try to help you by turning objects red to let you know to jump on them, etc. Also frustrating times are not actually getting the exact depth of how far you need to jump till it is too late, therefore, making it a tedious error and trial. Grabbing your opponents gun was decent, in no way was it a solid fps this way, but was acceptable.

Lasting Appeal:

After the 10 chapters i felt that you pretty much saw everything this game had to offer. personally i don't care much about the speed runs, which pretty much the only thing you can do else.