Ok I'll keep this short and sweet. As I am not going to give it a high score just cause its scott or a old school brawler. I was raised on old school games like this and I'll admit the game gives great props to old games such as sonic and zelda. The levels are not to long or to short and have plenty of enemies.  The graphics are very good and all the characters play the same for the most part with everyone having different tech attacks later on in the game as you level up.  The main drawback is the amount of grinding and difficulty of the game. Even on the lowest setting this game is a pain at times as enemies will wall attack you and bounce you several times before they are done. Of course when you max out leveling the levels are not as hard but enemies can still be cheap at times. Also the game features co-op but no online because they wanted to keep to old school roots and keep it at just co-op.  Several things about this. 1. Most of us grew up and no longer have friends with no life's who can just sit around and game it up like we used to. 2. If say you are already in a level you must restart to let you friend join. Or if a friend is playing with you and must suddenly leave you cannot simply exit his character you will either have to restart the entire level or go it alone at controlling two players. Besides these little annoyances the games still great.