The minute I first read GameInformer's preview of Raven's Singularity, I knew this game would be great. And it was. This is the first FPS I've played with I story I even felt was worthy of following. No doubt one of the games high points was at the beginning, with only a cheap revolver to go up against a horde of zombie-mutants. The "problem-solving" was always the same, except one puzzle needed you to go through a portal and back again. They're only fun the first 3 or 4 times. It started great, then got pretty good, then ended great, with three alternate endings; the "sacrifice yourself for the greater good", the familiar "bad guys promised power and riches", or save yourself and dont give a crap about anyone else. Sometimes I wished I could replay missions, but restarting the game's fine, I guess. I would have appriciated many things from online play, such as unlockable weapons, more game modes, and a better aiming system for the facehugger-like phase tick; I'd like to get some slack after missing a soldier's face by half an inch then be killed while waiting for my jump energy to came back. Nevertheless, Singularity is a rewarding, uniqe, and well-deserving game. Buy it. Or a higher rated game like God of War III. Your choice.