Back in 2008, I was pretty psyched for Street Fighter IV (I wrote a blog post about that, if you'd care to read it.) The game was amazing, but I thought it needed a few improvements. In my review of Street Fighter IV, I included a small list of things I didn't like about it. Super Street Fighter IV literally improved everything on my list (except Seth, but I'm over that now.) When the Tournament Mode is released this June, I will have everything I asked for (and more!)

The biggest improvement I'd like to note is the online play. In Street Fighter IV, playing online was very uninteresting. Even after Tournament Mode was added, it left me wanting more. In Super Street Fighter IV, the online options have changed drastically. With the addition of Team Battle, Endless Battle and the Replay Channel, SSFIV offers you a real online community that goes far beyond the lifeless feel of its predecessor. On top of that, Capcom is going to do the Tournament Mode right this time and include a bracket system.


Super Street Fighter IV offers you a real online community. The free Tournament Mode DLC will be available June 15, 2010. Unlike the Tournament Mode in Street Fighter IV, Super Stree Fighter IV's Tournament Mode will feature a bracket system.


Relive your victories and learn from your losses with the Replay Channel.


If you enjoyed Street Fighter IV, you'll enjoy Super Street Fighter IV even more. With a $40.00 price tag and the addition of 10 more fighters, SSFIV is too good to pass up.