This game is fantastic, aside from the odd crash or occasional bug (which often ends in hilarity due to the nature of the game). My fondest memories of the game include smashing jumbo-jets into enemy encampents, or finding an APC with an autocannon. Fighter jets are some of the most amazing combat situations in gaming to this date. Although the gameplay is well and fantastic, the game's true killer is...

...the storyline.

It's just awful, sadly. While it's acceptable in the first few minutes, it becomes very obvious that the storyline wasn't much of a pressing matter in this game. In fact, it wasn't until the end of the Fourth Mission that I realized how truly sub-par it was. Myself? I believe you could find some roots of the storyline in the North Korean Regime of Kim-Jong Ill. All in all, the voice acting and less-than-stellar story is a killing blow to what could have been one of the best games of the decade. While still an amazing step in the gaming industry, showing the producers how to make a true sandbox game, the developers really could have hired some better writers.

Bottom Line: A fantastic and absolutely enjoyable game. You should buy it, but don't expect a great storyline to accompany it.