this game is a prequel to the dead spce one than came out on the xbox 360 and ps3. its goes as a on rails shooter and seems exeptional. graphics are exellent for a wii game, the only thins is that i didnt jump once while playing this game and i beat it on a single day.thats right, a single day it contains 10 chapters but they will last you no longer than 15 minutes each. it does include gun upgrades that will sort of make you go through the chapter once more, bonus animated still movies from the dead space series volume 1-8, and a challenge mode with 10 sceneries that makes you shoot your way through 10 waves of enemies while travelling throgh the infested colony and ishimura. althogh gamplay is slow its quite fun shooting and dismembering necromorphs while teamates getting sliced to bits(not to metion the almost jaw dropping finalie that foces you to slice your arm off to escape the wrath of the final struggle of the final boss).all this might sound fun but i suggest this game being a rental