If you are reading this that means you have read more then just the cover. Which is good, and so is this game. I have read reviews and seen trailers of this game so I decided to play my friends version of the game( he was drooling over it in an attempt to stop me from playing it) so I was pretty excited when I first booted up this game. Then the one liners and sarcasm started flying and hurting my ears. Its was that bad and I was ready to turn off the game before it even started. Its a good thing Huang Lee stops stalking after a few minutes and thats when the beuaty of the game shines through. The heart pounding chases, the fantastic explosions, and sneaking drug trade left me wondering why hasnt anybody with a DS bought this amazing game? Because its the only inapropriate game. Thats ***! Anyone should play this game. I dont care if the targeting is off. We were spoiled into GTA4's beautiful shooting, but this one holds up well enough not to slow you down. All I can say is now I wish I had a PSP , this game, and mabe a job.